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About Chef Timothy Harley

Timothy Harley, a 8-year veteran to the culinary world, is the Chef and CEO of Spoonfulls Catering located in Alexandria, VA. A 2008 graduate of the Atlantic Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu program in Dover, New Hampshire, Timothy has entrusted his skills and values to the French techniques of preparing food. Emerging from an extensive study of cuisines from around the world, his cooking style embraces diversity while adding finesse and flair to any event.

Starting his culinary career in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia, Timothy honed his culinary skills as a sauté line cook and was responsible for managing full lunch and dinner service at a casual dining restaurant. In 2009, he embarked upon a new assignment at the 1789 Restaurant in Georgetown, Washington, DC. It was here that he had the opportunity to further develop his true passion and art for cooking. Entertaining guests from First Lady Laura Bush to some of DC’s most influential, Timothy found himself working private parties and not on the line with the other cooks. Under the tutelage of various chefs, he acquired a passion for perfection while learning the necessary techniques to replicate a true fine dining experience for private parties.

Recently he has accepted the role as the Executive Chef of Lucky Strike Entertainment located in Washington, DC. At this venue he has the opportunity to truly understand what goes into being a well-rounded chef.  It was while at Lucky Strike that he had the opportunity to be featured as a contestant on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.  From these experiences he has gained more knowledge and skills to become a better chef and business owner

In 2012 at age of 22, the Spoonfulls Catering concept was unearthed. Starting in his parent’s kitchen and working independently, Spoonfulls Catering has become a reputable catering company in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. As a young entrepreneur, he has made a commitment to staff his catering company with young, like-minded individuals who share his passion for the culinary area and excellence in customer service.


About Chef Kay

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